Algonquin Park Project

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Do you dream of the Lakes and Rivers of Algonquin Park? Do you long for the strike of that one big fish? Do you enjoy the challenge of testing your canoeing skills against the elements? So do I…

My name is Nick and I am an avid outdoorsman, always seeking out the next great trip and living for the tranquility of nature. The purpose of this project is to create a free video log of Algonquin Park that can be accessed for free. Often times I find myself overwhelmed by the vastness of the park and wish that there was a resource I could turn to that would show me the lakes, portages and fishing conditions before I planned my trip. Being a full time employee and a father of three I only get so many trips in a year and wouldn’t want them to be wasted. This is why I want to create an extensive video blog of all of the lakes I travel to in Algonquin Park. This will show other adventurers what each lake is like, how challenging the portages are and what the fishing is like on those lakes. I will be making a separate video for each trip (25+) so it will be a series that you will get instead of one documentary.

Want more information? Check out the video and see how you can get tons of amazing perks!

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Byer of Maine: Moskito Traveller Hammock

When I first saw the Moskito Traveller Hammock I thought that it was too cheap to be any good. I complete hammock with a bug net for under $50, unbelievable. I was wrong; this hammock is comfortable and affordable. It is perfect for someone who is just starting out and someone who is a seasoned pro. There are however a few things that make this hammock only suitable to certain people. Continue reading

Hammock Bliss Sky Bed

I was really excited to try out the Sky Bed because it is a new product that is unique compared to what is already on the market. The Sky Bed is designed to incorporate a sleeping pad to create a unique asymmetrical lay. The best way I can think to describe this hammock is that it is the closest you are going to get to having a bridge hammock without the poles. It is like sleeping on an elevated cot. Continue reading

Bridge Hammock Battle

When I first started this project I wasn’t sure what to expect. It seemed like most people already assumed that the Warbonnet Ridge Runner was the obvious winner in the three way comparison. I had already used the Jacks R Better Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock and the Eureka Chrysalis Hammock and thought that they were both very good products. I was a fan of the Eureka Chrysalis and aside from its weight I thought it was going to be a serious competitor in this comparison. Continue reading

Eureka Chrysalis

This month I decided to take out the Eureka Chrysalis Hammock for the first time. I had just had a baby so I have not been able to get out for a while so I was really looking forward to this getaway. I arrived fairly early after work with fellow YouTube blogger BearTrapJason and we scoped out a great spot to set up. Continue reading