Hammock Camping has become a very popular way to camp, and it is arguably the fastest growing product line in the camping industry. Trying to get into hammock camping can be difficult because there are a growing number of camping hammocks to choose from. This site was set up to help the beginner, intermediate, and expert hammock campers see what options are available, and to help them make an informed decision before purchasing a hammock.

My name is Nick CrandBioell, and I have been hammock camping for over a year now. I have dedicated my time and understanding into perfecting my camping experience. As I continued to learn about the different hammocks available my decision on what hammock to buy became harder. I realized this must be a common problem for people. This is why I created campinghammockreviews.com. I want to apply my growing knowledge of camping hammocks into this website in order to help others like me.

You may have seen some of my reviews on YouTube in a series called, 12 Months in a Hammock. In this series I spent one night a month camping outdoors to see if I could use hammocks for camping in every season of a Canadian year. It turns out you can. I really enjoyed this video series and I am planning to create a new series soon called, Bridge Hammock Battle. In this review I am going to be comparing different ‘bridge styled’ hammocks and see which one is best.

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