How to Sleep Warm

I was thinking about writing a short article on how to sleep warm at night when I stumbled across this picture that describes it perfectly. Check it out, there is a lot of good tips here;




Contour Roam2 Action Camera Review

When I first received this camera I was excited but skeptical. In the past I have used the GoPro Hero 2 and the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. Both of those cameras had to be returned for repair. The Hero 2 had horrible sound quality which ruined the camera for me and the Hero 3 wouldn’t stop freezing. Memories of these cameras were flooding my thoughts when I started to test out the Contour Roam2. Continue reading

Hot Water Bottle Tip: Keep warm

I love camping in all four of Canada’s great seasons. Most of those seasons however have cold nights, so keeping warm is something that I have learned to do. There is one way to keep warm that works every time and the results are almost instantaneous. I call it the boiling bottle, I am by no means the creator of this technique but I am an active user. Continue reading