Algonquin Park Project

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Do you dream of the Lakes and Rivers of Algonquin Park? Do you long for the strike of that one big fish? Do you enjoy the challenge of testing your canoeing skills against the elements? So do I…

My name is Nick and I am an avid outdoorsman, always seeking out the next great trip and living for the tranquility of nature. The purpose of this project is to create a free video log of Algonquin Park that can be accessed for free. Often times I find myself overwhelmed by the vastness of the park and wish that there was a resource I could turn to that would show me the lakes, portages and fishing conditions before I planned my trip. Being a full time employee and a father of three I only get so many trips in a year and wouldn’t want them to be wasted. This is why I want to create an extensive video blog of all of the lakes I travel to in Algonquin Park. This will show other adventurers what each lake is like, how challenging the portages are and what the fishing is like on those lakes. I will be making a separate video for each trip (25+) so it will be a series that you will get instead of one documentary.

Want more information? Check out the video and see how you can get tons of amazing perks!

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How to Sleep Warm

I was thinking about writing a short article on how to sleep warm at night when I stumbled across this picture that describes it perfectly. Check it out, there is a lot of good tips here;




Contour Roam2 Action Camera Review

When I first received this camera I was excited but skeptical. In the past I have used the GoPro Hero 2 and the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. Both of those cameras had to be returned for repair. The Hero 2 had horrible sound quality which ruined the camera for me and the Hero 3 wouldn’t stop freezing. Memories of these cameras were flooding my thoughts when I started to test out the Contour Roam2. Continue reading

Hot Water Bottle Tip: Keep warm

I love camping in all four of Canada’s great seasons. Most of those seasons however have cold nights, so keeping warm is something that I have learned to do. There is one way to keep warm that works every time and the results are almost instantaneous. I call it the boiling bottle, I am by no means the creator of this technique but I am an active user. Continue reading

How to make a Candle Lantern

So I decided to build a quick DIY pop can Lantern and it turned out fairly well. The first version I made I cut out an entire section of the can and removed the top. This was OK but flimsy. The second version worked better, you simply cut out a window into you can, place a candle in it and you are good to go. This was also better because you can tie a string to the tab and hang the lantern. The problem I have is I don’t ever have cans of pop or other canned beverages with me when I am camping. Continue reading