How to make a Candle Lantern

So I decided to build a quick DIY pop can Lantern and it turned out fairly well. The first version I made I cut out an entire section of the can and removed the top. This was OK but flimsy. The second version worked better, you simply cut out a window into you can, place a candle in it and you are good to go. This was also better because you can tie a string to the tab and hang the lantern. The problem I have is I don’t ever have cans of pop or other canned beverages with me when I am camping.

The third attempt at a DIY lantern was with a baby food jar. This seems more practical considering you can put a lid on it and take it with you in your pack. It is also very simple. I put a piece of the pop can in it to direct the light.

It was brought to my attention that it would be better just to stick a piece of aluminum foil in the jar instead. This would be less sharp and easier to work with. You could also fold up a larger piece of foil and use it for cooking.  I haven’t tried this yet but I plan to. I hope you enjoyed the videos.

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