Hot Water Bottle Tip: Keep warm

I love camping in all four of Canada’s great seasons. Most of those seasons however have cold nights, so keeping warm is something that I have learned to do. There is one way to keep warm that works every time and the results are almost instantaneous. I call it the boiling bottle, I am by no means the creator of this technique but I am an active user.

The boiling bottle is as easy as it sounds, when you are cold at night you simple boil up enough water to fit into your Nalgene bottle and your done. Make sure that your bottle doesn’t leak and it has a tight seal. You do not want to wake up with a wet sleeping bag. You also do not want to have the bottle touching your bear skin as it will burn. This is a great technique for keeping warm and it will warm up your entire bag for the night. If it is really cold you may have to re-boil the water multiple times.

If you are going to use this method please note that I am not responsible for any injury to yourself or damage to your gear. Use at your own risk.

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